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The Irish Accounting & Tax Summit
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Below you will find links to the video recordings of all 16 CPD Sessions of The Irish Accoutning & Tax Summit once published.

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Session 1 - Financial Reporting Under COVID-19 – Post Balance Sheet Events & Consideration of Impairment

Session 2 - Entrepreneur Relief – Tips and Traps Including Anti-Avoidance (S. 135(3A) TCA 97)

Session 3 - Audit Exempt Engagements in a COVID-19 World

Session 4 - Employee Share Ownership Pools (“ESOPs”) – Tax & Commercial Considerations

Session 5 - The COVID-19 Insurance Implications

Session 6 - Tax Planning in a Downturn

Session 7 - Anti-Money Laundering for Accountants in 2020

Session 8 - Top Tax Appeals in 2020

Session 9 - Your Biggest GDPR Risks - IT or People? (And the Practical Steps to Solve Them)

Session 10 - Brexit Complexities: Taxation of Foreign Short-Term Employees in Ireland

Session 11 - Members’ Voluntary Liquidations

Session 12 - Key VAT Issues Including COVID-19 Measures

Session 13 - KnowledgeHUB – Most Common Technical Queries of 2020

Session 14 - Updates on Welfare Pension Changes

Session 15 - Charity Financial Reporting & Audits under COVID-19

Session 16 - Farm Tax Issues – Critical Areas For Deliberation

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